“Time’s the thief of memory”

– Stephen King –

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With the new possibility of ‘contactless pin payments’ the chance you forget your PIN is more likely than ever before.

With WordPIN you stay out of trouble!



Because of the unique method of WordPIN only you can read the given information on the screen of your smartphone. Only you, and nobody else! How this works? Click here and find out!


You’re about to make a debit card payment and can’t recall your pin number. Within 10 seconds WordPIN helps you out! Even if people look over your shoulder, the pin number is only visible to You!


WordPIN is what it is! It helps you to memorise all your numeric codes and does that extremely easily. No ‘extras’ you will never use and makes things complicated. It comes with speed and safety!

It’s incredibly easy to use and has often helped me so far

Joanna Berker

Financial Manager

First I thought I don’t need it…
WRONG! I did.. and more than once!

Adam Burcho


Haha! Fun stuff! It’s a Triple S.
Simple, Solid and Safe.

Mike Navarra


As cleaner I use a lot of alarm codes. WordPIN is a blessing for me!


Owner cleaning company

It’s better to look ahead and prepare, than to look back and regret.

– Jackie Joyner-Kerseeu –

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