Here are some common questions about WordPIN

Why is WordPIN 100% safe?

Imagine being able to secure your house with a lock, which would open just by looking at the letters of a specified secret WORD (letter combination) on a screen by the entrance. WordPIN works similar to this. A forgotten numeric code can be recalled by LOOKING at your personally chosen secret WORD (letter combination) on the screen of your mobile phone. It’s impossible for others to retrieve the codes without the secret word (letter combination) because they do not know what to look for. In addition, WordPIN works locally on your phone and your codes are not stored anywhere else. The operation of WordPIN therefore guarantees optimal security for all your valuable codes. Therefore WordPIN is 100% safe as long as you keep your secret word really secret!

I have lost my phone! What now?

Don’t panic! Your codes entrusted to WordPIN are safe! Without your secret word, nobody can recall your codes. The finder of your phone will just see useless information. WordPIN does not save your codes externally. Therefore, keep a copy of your codes in a safe place. A good way to do this is by making screenshots of your code screens in WordPIN.   

Can I change the codes at a later stage?

YES! A previously added name and code can always be changed. Swipe the account name to the left and click the edit button, After changes has been made, click on ‘Save’.

What happens when I reinstall WordPIN or buy a new phone?

When you buy a new phone you can reinstall WordPIN like any other app you paid for. However, this installation is a completely new installation without your previously entered codes. For safety reasons, your encrypted codes are only stored in the phone self and not somewhere else. So make sure you have copies of the codes before removing the old version of WordPIN. A good way to do this is by making screenshots from the code screens in WordPIN. You can save or print these screenshots safely, because nobody can find your codes without the secret word. 

Can I use WordPIN for longer codes than 4 digits?
Yes! Start using WordPIN with a longer secret word than 4 digits. Use for example SUBLIME. With this secret word you can use WordPIN for codes up to 7 digits long, because the secret word is 7 letters long. Write the length of the code behind the descripion of the account to show the amount of letters you need for the code. For example: Code Bank-app (5)

The 5 behind the discription means you need only the letters SUBLI  (5) to find the code of the bank-app.

What makes WordPIN so brilliant?

There are more apps in the stores, which you can use to save your secret information like codes. These apps are locked with a secret number combination, just like a vault. When you enter the correct combination, the vault opens and all the content is visible. So the apps must know your secret number combination to work properly! It is not unthinkable that someone hits the right combination by accident, and then… Oops! Problem!

WordPIN had to be different. WordPIN had to be faster and easier, but definitely safer.

WordPIN is not to crack! WordPIN doesn’t need your secret word to operate properly. You only have to LOOK at the letters of your secret word on your screen to read the code. This is an impregnable obstacle for curious bystanders because they do not know what letters the code is hidden behind. Not even WordPIN knows where you are looking at! The codes in WordPIN and the secret word are thus physically separated. This combination will never be found in the phone, so cracking the codes is impossible. When the user keeps his secret word really secret, then the codes in WordPIN are unavailable to others, even when the phone comes into strange hands. That makes WordPIN so brilliant!

Do I need internet connection for WordPIN?

NO! Internet connection isn’t necessary to use WordPIN. It runs independently on your mobile telephone. The numeric codes are locked and saved, solely on your telephone. It is essential that you keep a copy of your codes in a safe place, just in case your telephone is misplaced or stolen. A good way to do this is by making screenshots of your code screens in WordPIN.

Can I change the order of the accounts?

YES!* Click on ‘SORT’ in the Accounts Screen. Click on the stripes after the specified account and then drag it to desired position.

*Only on iPhones

In settings: Notify before/after changing?

Before changing an account, you will receive a warning, asking whether you want to go ahead with the changes. If you do, click ‘Change’.

After changing information you will receive a warning telling you that you just made some changes

Do I need a separate secret word for each code?
NO! That is a great value of WordPIN. Just remember ONE word for ALL your codes.
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